Monday, October 4, 2010

sugar free.

my roommate and i swore off sugar til halloween. worst idea. should have probably put more thought into it. it's been approximately 12 hours 37 minutes since sugar last entered my body, and i'm dying over here. i feel like every song that plays on pandora is talking about candy and sugar and popsicles, and i'm like can't a girl catch a break? can't today's pop culture take interest in carrots and veggie patties? so yeah, i've been complaining about this all day obviously, and then some idiot said to me "if you are bitter at the heart, sugar in the mouth will not help you." and i just laughed and punched him in the face. and that's when i realized i AM bitter. oopsie.

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Anna Wolf said...

worst idea you ever had. i can think of three good reasons why this is the worst idea you've ever had. 1. sugar is the best. through three.