Friday, October 29, 2010


it's halloween this weekend and i don't even have a costume yet. halloween is not a holiday for procrastinators, i always end up being something way weird and uncomfortable. i just wonder if i should cave and buy one of those pre-made nurse/cop/slut outfits. after i wrote that sentence i realized what a bad idea it was. never mind.

yesterday i was so sick i couldn't even move. i was like paralyzed by illness. but now today, i feel great. i'm beginning to wonder if i am allergic to noni. cause on wednesday i had 16 oz of it and then barf party 2010 happened. but on the other hand, maybe i shouldn't have ate at denny's, i'm sure that place could make any girl puke for two hours straight. (is anyone grossed out by this paragraph yet?)

i've been real emotional lately. like wtf is the deal. a couple mornings ago i got a lump in my throat cause i was out of granola bars. i guess i really like granola bars.

back to puking. i saw jackass 3d. and i literally almost puked. it was real funny though. but i'm not recommending that movie to anyone. i can't have that on my conscience.

well that's all i really have to say right now. bye.


Tami Anderson said...

Don't you mean "maybe I shouldn't have EATEN at Denny's?"

I'm so sorry that you were sick. I wish you would have called me. I could have brought you some soup or something.

As for your Halloween know where to find the costume boxes.

Do you want to come over for chili on Saturday or Sunday?

Unknown said...

this blog is quickly climbing the ranks towards being my favorite. I'm also sad you were sick but thanks for the entertainment ;) good luck on the costume. looks like I'm just doing the army thing this year. it's easy.

Anna Wolf said...

haha you freakin make me laugh. i was a gorilla in denim last year, and a blue cow this year that i'm pretty sure was a costume for babys only. one time i woke up and ate the rest of my 7 11 donut and then i threw up and then i went to school. i threw up in the parking lot of fat catz while you and ali were bowling and you told the people you were with you had to take me home so you could leave.