Sunday, November 28, 2010

oh thanks.

so in november i start getting real thankful for everything. maybe cause of thanksgiving, maybe not. so i just wanted to say thanks..

thanks erika. for being my sister. and for having a chocolate fight in the kitchen when we were tweens. for laughing at the same jokes, even when we're in different rooms, or different towns. thanks for caring what happens in my life. and for not being mad at me still for punching you in the face that one time in canada. thanks for marrying the man of your dreams in the temple. thanks for being the example even though you are my baby sister. and for helping me not to swear... as much. thanks. oh and thanks tyler. for being the brother i always wanted. for taking care of my little sister. for putting up with our crazy family. thanks.

thanks mom and dad. for being my parents. for loving each other through ups and downs. thanks for being great examples of love. for magnifying your callings. for encouraging not only love and respect for family but also friendship and loyalty. thank you for only grounding me once in my whole life. for forbidding us from watching the simpson's and then watching it with us when we were teenagers. thanks for never being judgmental and always supporting me in all that i do. thanks.

thanks boyfriend. for being my boyfriend. for being really funny. for listening to all my weird stories and laughing with me. for making my life even better. for seeing the best in me. for encouraging and loving me. thanks for being the good kind of crazy. for letting me be exactly who i am. thanks for thinking that my burps are one of the best things about me. thanks for all the greatest times. thanks.

thanks friends. old and new. wherever you may be. for always being there, at the perfect times. thanks for all the laughs and jokes. thanks for making me a better person. for the countless hours of the best times of my life. for giving me hope when i didn't see any. thanks.

thanks step brothers and sisters. for being like real brothers and sisters. thanks for inviting me into your lives. for always being there for me. for traveling hours just to see me walk across the stage in a cap and gown. thanks for being funny. and for being great friends. thanks.

thanks everyone else who may not be exactly mentioned above. for being in my life. for all you have done, small or large. thanks. thanks. thanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ron weasley.

i just found out that i will be seeing the new harry potter movie not once, but TWICE in the next 48 hours. i am so so so so so excited. what a lucky girl i am. i mean, seriously. so maybe if you don't like harry potter you shouldn't read my blog for the next month. cause that's probably all i'll be writing about. and all i'll be talking about, so probably don't even be around me if you don't like hp. ANYWAY.

Monday, November 15, 2010

brain freeze. i mean, brain frio.

went ice skating. no skills, shouldn't really go pro. confusing. cause i could have sworn i use to be good at it. made up a routine, though. nice time.

i'm having a hard time transitioning from summer to winter clothing. like today i had to force myself to wear a coat. yesterday i wore a sun dress to church. it's like the middle of november and i somehow think i can get away with those kind of shenanigans. who knew shenanigans was even a word. i didn't. gonna start using that word more now that i know it's real.

learning spanish. finally, right? i mean, i'm so over going to cafe rio and having to explain that although i look like i should, i don't speak spanish. should i invest in rosetta stone? or should i just rely on a really good lookin tutor and igoogle translate? help.

i am really into quotes right now. i am always reading them. it's nice, cause when i give advice to people i use random quotes that i remember, and then claim them as my own genius. oops. sometimes i feel like they could have come from my brain though. so i don't feel as guilty. but now that i'm writing this, i feel really guilty. i'm gonna start giving people a reference page after we have heart to hearts. that'll be nice.

well i think that's it for now. i'm sorry to all my english major friends, sooo many sentence fragments happening in this post. i'll be better. but not.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

blog post.

sometimes i feel like i might be on some hidden camera show. that, or the world is playing a huge joke on me. do you know what i mean? like today, for example, i'm standing in line waiting to tell the subway girl what i want on my sandwich. and this man in front of me is saying the weirdest things. really, so weird. and so funny. but not purposely funny. like i had to cover my mouth so that no one could see my smile. i really almost lost it when he said "now go hard on that parmesan". i started looking around for hidden cameras thinking that maybe "smile, you're on candid camera" was making a comeback this season. but then, the more this dude spoke the more i thought this HAD to be an mtv hidden camera show, i mean he was making some of the most perverted comments about oil and vinegar i've ever heard, maybe i was going to get a dollar for every minute i lasted or something. but, unfortunately no cameras showed up. that dude was really that perverted. or worse, maybe i'm just that perverted. uhhhhh.

i'm reminding myself of this quote i once read it goes "people who don't know me well enough might say i'm delusional and paranoid, but they're just out to get me."

see yuh.