Tuesday, March 29, 2011

jane's lame.

anybody wanna know what the worst feeling is? hearing someone talk about you that doesn't know you can hear them. yeah... that happened to me. this morning. but the thing is i'm not even pissed about it. or maybe i am. i just feel bad for her because i guess she doesn't realize that cubicle walls are not like real walls. like you can hear through them, and they don't go all the way up to the ceiling. so maybe i should let her know. also i should let her know that her voice carries. so even if she were two cubicles away (instead of one, pffft) i could probs still hear her. and maybe i should also tell her that if she MUST talk mean about someone to use a secret code name. like maybe my nickname could be jane and she could have said "jane is a real lame-o" and i could have went on with my day. wracking my brain right now thinking "who the heck is jane??" and "i'll be sure to steer clear of jane the lame-o."

anyway, other than that, today should be good. i think.

Friday, March 25, 2011


today i was running so so so sossosoosoooo late for work. but i wasn't even stressing. i took my time and arrived at 8:33 exactly. no one was here. it's 9:15 and still no one is here. i must have missed the memo. my email isn't working. so i literally really could have missed the memo.

jersey shore finale was pretty great. my favorite part was when snookie said she's gonna run for president. and then everyone would be tan. and all the radio stations would play house music. hahahahhahaha.

i played doodle jump on the ipad. now i want an ipad. weird things motivate me.

has anyone had a protein burger from in n out? i would recommend trying one. they are really good and don't make your arteries feel as clogged. also i would recommend getting that animal sauce, it comes in a little package thing, and dipping your fries in it. your arteries will feel a bit more clogged, but still manageable. should i start reviewing fast food restaurants on here? would that be beneficial? i could be like a fast food connoisseur. i'll think about it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

t shirt time.

just so you know you should never ever trust GPS on the iPhone. especially anywhere south of provo. you will end up lost, or worse, way pissed.

i am not patient by nature. when i am, i am lying, or really really tired.

protein shakes are not good. no matter what anyone says. i will never think they are good. this morning on my way to work i tried a peach flavored one, thinking maybe, just maybe it would be better than the rest. WRONG. i dry heaved for 10 minutes straight. like thinking about it now makes me break into a cold sweat.

the temple is the best place to go. under any circumstance. even if you can't go inside. i have ran around the temple. read a book on the grass. even just parked my car and stared at it's beauty. (yeah i think the provo temple is beautiful, obvi). going there will change your life. swear.

i have been so thankful for my little sister this week. she is seriously the greatest person. i love her but i might love baby girl eloise more. is that possible?

jersey shore finale (i had to google that word, i thought it was spelled finally, what the) tonight!!!! i think that's the first time i've ever used exclamation points on my blog. i'll do better. anyway so yeah, T SHIRT TIME! if you don't like/watch jersey shore, stop reading right now, go to mtv.com, and spend the rest of your day in heaven.

writing in a journal is the hardest thing i've ever tried to do. i feel like i have to be all formal. and it is the most awkward thing for me. and i find myself only writing about a certain someone. exciting for me, potentially boring for my future offspring. cause they'll be the ones reading it, right? and that's the worst part for me, the fact that when i write in my journal all i think about are my kids reading it and being like "wow, mom was a real weirdo." so then i start being more weird and more awkward cause i feel like my children are judging me. is this normal? please tell me someone relates?

k well see yuh.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


did you ever notice that everything is at it's best right before you have to change it? like, hair? i swear my hair is it's very best right before i have to get it cut. or, mascara? the best consistency right before it's empty. orrrr..... well actually those are the only two examples i can think of.

i never used to honk my horn at crazy drivers/people. the other day i honked three times in one ten minute drive. is this what growing up is?

i have an iPhone. i've only paid for two apps. doodle jump and sally's spa. the other ones were all free. you can tell a lot about a person by what they will spend 99 cents on. i think. wait, am i cheap?

let me brag for a second. but i have the best mom. she made me a FEAST on monday night and then we watched the bachelor. but i don't think we stopped talking the whole time. she's funny and fun. and smart. and pretty. and a lot of other things but i can't say cause she will probably get all shy and humble. but really, she's the best.

i've watched despicable me 15 times in the past two weeks. at first by choice, but then by force.

8 am is really early for work. shouldn't the workday start at 9? seems more logical.

provo has a beach resort. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. actually it is pretty fun. i take back my laughter.

and finally, let me talk about one last thing. yesterday was ron weasly's birthday and i didn't even know until 9 pm. i was too caught up in bieber's birthday. i'm a 13 year old girl. whoops.