Sunday, May 9, 2010

my momma.

there's a lot of people in my life i know you should get to know. i'm lucky in that department. my mom is one of those people. i get all choked up thinking about what she has sacrificed for me, what she has been through, and done, all for me. all the times she has changed my life with just a few simple words. i feel honored that i came from her, that she is mine to call mom, mine to turn to, mine to love. i'd mention all her great qualities, but you would think i'm lying, she's really that unbelievable. she is so selfless and loving, she would do anything and i really do mean anything for me. and for you too. i know she would. cause she has. i know i am who i am because of her, i can't take any credit for being this awesome. anyway mom, i love you obviously.