Monday, February 28, 2011


i may have overestimated my situation. turns out no one is even pissed at me! PHEW! i slid right under the radar. in fact i may just be a modern day hero.

thanks for all the prayers, texts, emails, handwritten letters, flowers, candy, and love.

ps. i'm a brat.


i got involved in drama today. and i'm STRESSING! what was i thinking? oh man oh man oh man. i mostly steer clear of my roommates and their drama, but today i just exploded and totally spilled secrets. crap. crap. crap. oops. whoops. girls are so freaking scary. i'm scared.

pray for me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i bought a new satchel.

apparently people read my blog. cause like everyone is telling me they miss me writing stuff. whatever.

so i'm not the type of girl who talks a lot about food or what i eat. okay, yeah right. i am totally the type of girl that does that. i realized the other day that if there is one thing i hate it's when girls say "i'm not the type of girl that...." because usually what comes after is totally the type of girl they are. i also hate when girls talk bad about girls as a whole. so it's kinda a catch 22 for me. should i delete this paragraph and start over? anyway, back to me. so these last two weeks i have been the most hungry i've ever been. i think i have had five meals a day. and when i say meals i mean wendy's.

last week i went on a vacation. to vegas. does that count as a vacation? yeah, so i went on a vacation and it was so great. we had the time of our lives. i usually wouldn't use the word magical to describe anything in nevada, but really, it was magical. vegas is kinda classy now. kinda. okay like an area of the strip is classy. i know i've probably told everyone this already but i ran like a mile in high heels. it's one of the most miserable experiences. but then looking back you feel way proud and tell everyone you know. anyway so the reason i was running is because we were way late for the cirque de soliel show the "o". needless to say we made it in time, after i took off my shoes (gross) and ran through the bellagio (classy). i also lost a stupid amount of money at the penny slots. i was like a child. danny would give me a dollar to keep me entertained and i would somehow lose it in one second. so then he gave me ten dollars and i lost it in less than two minutes. best/worst part about it was that my slots of choice were wolf run and 100 wolves. oops.

back to food. mom don't read what's coming next. so i haven't been grocery shopping in like two months. that is real. i don't know how i've survived. actually i totally know how i've survived. i'm like a seagull nowadays. like taking food from strangers and pooping on you unexpectedly. okay that was gross. i take it back. danny has kept me alive. thanks dan. k mom you can read again.

my baby sister is so cute with her prego belly boop bop. for real. if you haven't yet, hang out with her. baby girl is the best. i felt her move the other day. what the. she was like going crazy in there. she's a lot like me already. also her name is eloise! i have been keeping that secret for what feels like my whole life. but finally erika announced it cause i think she knew i couldn't hold it in much longer. she knows me well.

has anyone been watching the bachelor? i have. i won't go into detail about it though. i liked michelle. okay, there, i said it. throw tomatoes at me or whatever.

well that's all i think. bu bye.