Monday, July 26, 2010

the hunt.

searching for a job is like searching for my work out pants a month before summer comes... it's tough. and no one seems to want to help cause they want a bikini bod just as bad as i do, so they're busy looking for their own breathable nikes.
i imagined a life of pencil skirts and tailored pants after graduation. instead i'm still offering grumpy ladies tea or water while they wait to get their hair done. i was complaining about my job search to a woman i'd just met, she told me that finding a job in this economy is just as bad as it was during the depression. she then smiled, patted me on the hand, and told me not to lose hope. hope? what's that.
do i sound completely annoying yet? i figure if i can't complain on my blog, on twitter, on facebook, at church, in the car, at the gym, to my mom, pillow, dogs, etc, where can i complain? you know?

i'm doomed.