Tuesday, May 31, 2011



yesterday you were born. so i guess you could say it was your birthday. yesterday was your birthday. did you know it was the prettiest day? so pretty. just like you. it was so nice of you to come on a holiday. i didn't have work, so i got to be with your mama all day. oh your mama. she was so strong. she was so beautiful. she was so happy to welcome you into the world. we were all so happy to welcome you into the world. did you know i accidentally missed your actual entrance to the world? i didn't know you'd come here so fast. i left to go get your grandpa, and well, five minutes after i left, your grandma called me and said "listen!" and then i heard you cry. it wasn't an annoying cry, so don't worry. it was the most perfect cry i have ever heard. i cried too. the ugly kind of cry though. we raced back to welcome you. you were so tiny, and, you're probably sick of hearing this, but YOUR HAIR. your hair was amazing. so much of it. you let me hold you for about a minute, but you were starving. looking everywhere for some food. so i had to give you back to mama. oh your mama. can i say it again? she was BEAUTIFUL! beaming. glowing actually. i couldn't stop staring. she's amazing, that mom of yours. she has been waiting for you her whole life. she was born to be a mom. you should feel lucky. you are lucky.

i love you so much already. i'm a baby hog. i held you this afternoon for two hours straight. i think i'll hold you tonight for at least three. i gave you a hundred kisses already. hopefully you like kisses. i'm so happy you're here little el.

your aunt.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hi again.

whoa. what the crap. how the heck. i am so confused. just kidding, i'm not confused. but i feel kinda crazy right now. i've been at my cubicle for seven hours straight. and i've already organized the treats next to my desk like five times. so i'm pretty sure there is nothing left to do. except eat this fruit by the foot.

wahhhh fruit by the foot makes me think of ali. she loves fruit by the foot. i should have given her some before she left for north carolina for THE WHOLE SUMMER. what am i gonna do. crap. i gotta be positive. buuuut.

i'm planning a wedding all the sudden. how am i old enough for this?? actually i'm old enough (come on, i live in provo, i'm an old maid round these parts). how am i organized enough for this is a better question. like i've never planned a thing in my life. we already got our clothes for the day of the event. and now we're like "ALL DONE!!" but then i guess we're not. i guess there is a lot to do. how was i suppose to know how involved this whole thing is?? good thing i know so many crafty folk. they'll help me.

all last week i was miserable to be around. i'm sorry to anyone who encountered me. it's just that my computer wasn't letting me watch america's next top model. or glee. or the voice. WTF. i was pissed.

i pulled out my eyelash extensions last week. on accident. but not really. like it wasn't an accident. i spent and hour and a half on my bathroom counter pulling them out. in my defense, i didn't have my contacts in and anyone who wears contacts knows that you do crazy things when you aren't wearing them. so now i have no eyelashes. everyone does double takes when they look at me. and not the good kind of double takes. trust me.