Friday, October 29, 2010


it's halloween this weekend and i don't even have a costume yet. halloween is not a holiday for procrastinators, i always end up being something way weird and uncomfortable. i just wonder if i should cave and buy one of those pre-made nurse/cop/slut outfits. after i wrote that sentence i realized what a bad idea it was. never mind.

yesterday i was so sick i couldn't even move. i was like paralyzed by illness. but now today, i feel great. i'm beginning to wonder if i am allergic to noni. cause on wednesday i had 16 oz of it and then barf party 2010 happened. but on the other hand, maybe i shouldn't have ate at denny's, i'm sure that place could make any girl puke for two hours straight. (is anyone grossed out by this paragraph yet?)

i've been real emotional lately. like wtf is the deal. a couple mornings ago i got a lump in my throat cause i was out of granola bars. i guess i really like granola bars.

back to puking. i saw jackass 3d. and i literally almost puked. it was real funny though. but i'm not recommending that movie to anyone. i can't have that on my conscience.

well that's all i really have to say right now. bye.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

all i've got are questions.

today i woke up REALLY late and barely had time to brush my teeth. but everyone is telling me how great i look. should i be offended?

i've had a cough for two and a half weeks. is that normal?

i've watched a certain youtube video every day for the passed (past? i will never be sure) week. i feel like it has improved my happiness and overall wellness. possible?

i went to a friend's birthday party at a club on saturday. and some dude proposed to his girlfriend on stage. he was slurring his speech and she was wearing a see-through dress. romantic?

i found a really great blog that i love to read. but the title has the F word in it. should i stop reading it based on principle? is it like eating a brownie with a worm baked in the middle?

have you ever had zucchini noodles with alfredo sauce? greatest invention.

did you know that "dammit im mad" is the same forward and backward? (don't think about this one too long, your mind will explode. trust me.)

k i have a lot more questions. but i also have a lot more work. soooooo.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

so i'm thinking.

look at these pictures and listen to bob dylan or something....

Thursday, October 7, 2010


i ate candy. those pretzel m&m's are just so freakin good. there was no way you expected me to be able to resist those, right? i was forced to go to costco and get snacks and treats for the office. i am like, really? of course, send the girl with a raging addiction to pick up all the candy, and not only that, but put it all in my direct vision. i mean i can have my back to it, but i swear that candy just speaks to me, gets in my head, and makes me go crazy. so i had a handful. i'm no longer making goals i decided. wait, is that a goal? a goal to not make goals. i'm going crazy. too much sugar.

also, this weekend is ali's bridal shower. and my subconscious is going insane. i have had like 20 dreams about it. in one of them, i forgot ALL the food. i looked over at the table and there were only cups and napkins, and ali wasn't even pissing*, in fact she suggested we go to costco and get a veggie platter, so we did. in another dream i was trying to write down all the gifts she had received but it was taking me so long, and she was opening gifts too fast and there was SO much wrapping paper and ribbon all around me i started to get really hot and i couldn't stop writing. weirdest.

i like the rain. i mean, who doesn't. but i mean i really really really like the rain. it puts me in a calm and peaceful mood, and you know, i'm not naturally a calm or peaceful person. so it's real nice.

i feel like talking about anna on here again. cause recently we have just been talking about butterbeer. and we both really have the same opinions on it. like we think it is a warm drink that isn't carbonated. but so many people are telling us the opposite. but i think we won't listen and just do whatever we feel like. and i really hope she will just make some already and invite me over to a muggle hogsmead and we can talk about cats and plot our plan to finally get our education at hogwarts. we'll be like super super super seniors or whatever, but it won't matter, because we will be really good at potions and stuff so people will like us.

i'm the weirdest person, i think. i realize.

*after i posted this. i read through it, just to make sure i didn't say anything i'm going to regret in the morning. and then i saw that i wrote pissing instead of pissed. and i was going to change it, but then i think it is way better if i just say pissing. k, bye.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hawry pottah.

i think i might be having writers block this morning. i haven't really ever experienced it. i always have something stupid to write about. but not today. all that's on my mind is harry potter. and i think it's cause i read anna's blog the other day and she wrote a breathtaking post about him. and then yesterday, ali did the same thing. my mind was blown. so for the passed 24 hours all i can think about is harry potter. and how i wish ron would be my boyfriend. and i wish luna would hang out with me and we could talk about whatever we feel like. but instead i guess i'll just talk in a british accent all day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


last night whilst trying to sleep, i woke up to a mysterious clicking noise coming from underneath my bed. i patiently waited, hoping it would knock it off. no luck. i checked under the bed, and couldn't find a thing. soooo i used my best judgment and slept in the bathroom.

Monday, October 4, 2010

sugar free.

my roommate and i swore off sugar til halloween. worst idea. should have probably put more thought into it. it's been approximately 12 hours 37 minutes since sugar last entered my body, and i'm dying over here. i feel like every song that plays on pandora is talking about candy and sugar and popsicles, and i'm like can't a girl catch a break? can't today's pop culture take interest in carrots and veggie patties? so yeah, i've been complaining about this all day obviously, and then some idiot said to me "if you are bitter at the heart, sugar in the mouth will not help you." and i just laughed and punched him in the face. and that's when i realized i AM bitter. oopsie.

Friday, October 1, 2010

i need to tell you something.

you know what phrase i've never really understood/hated a lot? TGIF. it really makes me wanna puke when someone says it/writes it. and i hate that restaurant too, so it doesn't really help the cause at all. and the worst part is, i have said it/thought it like 1561233156 times today. and i meant it every time. like i have never done so much thanking for a friday in all of my life.

anyway listen to this story. so i was reading. a magazine. and i saw all these amazing clothes/accessories and for some reason i can't stop thinking about these stupid rings that i want. stupid.

also, did you notice how many times i just used this /? i'm trying it out but i don't really know how i feel about it. i still think i like commas way better. commas are like my thing.

okay so TGIF!! right/wrong?