Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ice cream, you scream, we all gag for ice cream

the other day, ali and i stopped for food at ice burg. on our way out we also got ice cream cones. we then took pictures of ourselves eating the cones. it was going along just like any normal pic sesh. but then, out of nowhere, ali GAGS on her ice cream. and i mean not just a small gag, but a full on, GAG. GAGAGAG. ugh, i can't even attempt to write how it sounded. but just know, it was hilarious. and the cones were delish.


Ali said...

hahahahahahahahhhahahaha. i cant even handle my ice cream. shoot. also i love this photo, and how it looks like we are feeding each other. bff

Tami Anderson said...

Fellow gaggers UNITE!