Monday, April 20, 2009

hard ball.

ever seen it? it's great. just don't watch it if you feel like laughing and crying at the same time. which i prefer to do over a lot of things. so it was my kind of movie. unfortunately, now all my thoughts are constantly singing "i love it when you call me big papa, throw ya hands in the air like yous a true playa, i see some ladies tonight who should be havin my babay, babay". not exactly a tune that helps me figure out how much jane should invest, and at what rate, and for how long, given that she only has twenty years to live, and just found out that her grandpa has already been investing $347.17 a year with an 8 percent coupon rate. oh man, finals week. it's killin me, babay.


Tami Anderson said...

I have NO idea what this post was even about. But, I"m blaming it on the stress of finals.

erika @ life unfluffed said...

I blame it on 4/20.