Saturday, February 28, 2009

i'm back, in black leather.

so as most of you know, i don't really know how to blog, it's my lot in life. i really want to be good at it, like i want to be good at singing, it just isn't one of my strong points. so as a favor to all of you and to myself, i'm gonna try, like really try. hard. this time to be good at it. and i'm gonna try to be good at singing too. and the trying begins with twenty-five random things you may or may not know about me...

1. i like adding izzle to end of words lately. it's so annoying, and that's probably why i like it so much.

2. when something isn't that cool i like to say "waa waa" and then laugh hysterically.

3. online shopping is something i find therapeutic. 

4. sometimes i laugh at my own jokes. okay, fine, all the time.

5. i have no coordination. hence my insane dancing abilities.

6. i only have good looking friends. i don't do this purposely but somehow i always look around and see people lookin good.

7. if i could eat only chips and salsa for the rest of my life, i would.

8. i count things for fun. 

9. i talk to myself. and myself responds.

10. i'm a really awful texter. 

11. i lose things very easily. don't lend me anything you ever want to see again.

12. most of my friends have, at one point, hated on me before they knew me. but now they love me. to my face.

13. i want my sister, erika, to have a baby so i can play with it all the time. and buy it presents and force it to like me.

14. sometimes in the real world when someone says something funny i try to remember it so i can make it my facebook status. 

15. i think my parents are probably the cutest couple ever. 

16. if i had a million dollars to spend on myself i would not know what to do with it. i may end up spending every penny on food, who knows.

17. i have a hard time understanding people with accents, my mind freaks out.

18. i can't speak spanish, even though i'm brown. sorry.

19. when i laugh really hard i usually think i will pee my pants, but haven't yet. luckily.

20. i plan to never swear again. effective immediately.. but not.

21. i think photo booth was apple's best invention.

22. i like to be busy. and i like to lay around. 

23. i've looked at the same bike online everyday for the passed year and still have not clicked "purchase".....

24. I get anxiety before big purchases. i always have to think about stuff a billion times before i actually do it.

25. i like leather

ps. i tag everyone who reads my blog. so yeah, that's you silly. 


erika @ life unfluffed said...

Read it on Facebook already.

Tami Anderson said...

I could read it three times a day.

How about posting a picture of the beautiful black leather coat of which you speak???

Abbie said...

Just wait until your pregnant - you will pee your pants when you laugh. I did all the time, but don't tell anyone, deal?

Mal Robin said...

You say your gonna take this here blog seriously then you dont... Come on Mel, commit!

Mrs. Hornberger said...

you crack me up

Aldric said...

18. i can't speak spanish, even though i'm brown. sorry.

I've had to explain that to everybody I work with and I'm not even that brown.