Friday, March 25, 2011


today i was running so so so sossosoosoooo late for work. but i wasn't even stressing. i took my time and arrived at 8:33 exactly. no one was here. it's 9:15 and still no one is here. i must have missed the memo. my email isn't working. so i literally really could have missed the memo.

jersey shore finale was pretty great. my favorite part was when snookie said she's gonna run for president. and then everyone would be tan. and all the radio stations would play house music. hahahahhahaha.

i played doodle jump on the ipad. now i want an ipad. weird things motivate me.

has anyone had a protein burger from in n out? i would recommend trying one. they are really good and don't make your arteries feel as clogged. also i would recommend getting that animal sauce, it comes in a little package thing, and dipping your fries in it. your arteries will feel a bit more clogged, but still manageable. should i start reviewing fast food restaurants on here? would that be beneficial? i could be like a fast food connoisseur. i'll think about it.

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