Thursday, March 24, 2011

t shirt time.

just so you know you should never ever trust GPS on the iPhone. especially anywhere south of provo. you will end up lost, or worse, way pissed.

i am not patient by nature. when i am, i am lying, or really really tired.

protein shakes are not good. no matter what anyone says. i will never think they are good. this morning on my way to work i tried a peach flavored one, thinking maybe, just maybe it would be better than the rest. WRONG. i dry heaved for 10 minutes straight. like thinking about it now makes me break into a cold sweat.

the temple is the best place to go. under any circumstance. even if you can't go inside. i have ran around the temple. read a book on the grass. even just parked my car and stared at it's beauty. (yeah i think the provo temple is beautiful, obvi). going there will change your life. swear.

i have been so thankful for my little sister this week. she is seriously the greatest person. i love her but i might love baby girl eloise more. is that possible?

jersey shore finale (i had to google that word, i thought it was spelled finally, what the) tonight!!!! i think that's the first time i've ever used exclamation points on my blog. i'll do better. anyway so yeah, T SHIRT TIME! if you don't like/watch jersey shore, stop reading right now, go to, and spend the rest of your day in heaven.

writing in a journal is the hardest thing i've ever tried to do. i feel like i have to be all formal. and it is the most awkward thing for me. and i find myself only writing about a certain someone. exciting for me, potentially boring for my future offspring. cause they'll be the ones reading it, right? and that's the worst part for me, the fact that when i write in my journal all i think about are my kids reading it and being like "wow, mom was a real weirdo." so then i start being more weird and more awkward cause i feel like my children are judging me. is this normal? please tell me someone relates?

k well see yuh.


Tami said...

Wow! A temple AND Jersey Shore in the same post. That's got to be a first! No?

Ball Lightning said...

im laughing so hard about the protein shake!!!

i say this all the time but i really love your blog!