Tuesday, March 29, 2011

jane's lame.

anybody wanna know what the worst feeling is? hearing someone talk about you that doesn't know you can hear them. yeah... that happened to me. this morning. but the thing is i'm not even pissed about it. or maybe i am. i just feel bad for her because i guess she doesn't realize that cubicle walls are not like real walls. like you can hear through them, and they don't go all the way up to the ceiling. so maybe i should let her know. also i should let her know that her voice carries. so even if she were two cubicles away (instead of one, pffft) i could probs still hear her. and maybe i should also tell her that if she MUST talk mean about someone to use a secret code name. like maybe my nickname could be jane and she could have said "jane is a real lame-o" and i could have went on with my day. wracking my brain right now thinking "who the heck is jane??" and "i'll be sure to steer clear of jane the lame-o."

anyway, other than that, today should be good. i think.


Tami said...

Let me at that biochewa! What did she say????

I'm going to scissor-kick her!! Seriously! No one put's MY baby in a corner.

Ball Lightning said...

I would love to see tami execute a scissor-kick on someone! Let me know if you need an extra pair of legs, I got your backs.