Thursday, January 6, 2011


saw the fighter last night. and i was pleasantly surprised. i had fully intended to sleep through it. but was hooked the second i realized everyone had a boston accent. i can't stop talking like a bostonian, obviously.

during the holidays, my mom always sets out a puzzle for everyone to work on. i have never really understood the point of puzzles. so i never work on them. plus she makes a rule that if you touch one of the puzzle pieces you have to stick around until you've placed five pieces in their rightful spot. pffffttt yeah right, like i wanna do that. so i usually just eat to keep myself entertained. this christmas i accidentally touched one and then all the sudden i couldn't stop. i was addicted. spent two hours on that thing. had to finally be dragged out of the room kicking and screaming.

i forgot my phone today. i'm dying. sorry to anyone i am in the middle of a words with friends game. i won't be able to play a word til later. way bummer.

k bye.


Tami said...

You should ALWAYS listen to your mother. Always. She knows what is best for you. If she thinks you would love doing a puzzle then, you would love doing a puzzle. You know why? Because you are the apple of her eye and she loves you.

That's why she wanted you to do the puzzle!

Anna Wolf said...

freakin love the fighter. i have a glow in the dark wolf puzzle.

Tj, Brit, and Emma said...

i met the main guy (mark wahlburg) out here in afghanistan. just thought i should tell someone. lol