Friday, January 21, 2011

last time i checked.

does anyone else have sweaty eyelids? well i guess it's not technically sweat, apparently eyelids don't have sweat glands. anyway, hopefully someone knows what i mean. well i've struggled with sweaty lids my whole life. it basically makes it pretty hard to have eye makeup on cause it creases so bad and you just look crazy. and then finally my bff gave me this awesome urban decay eyelid potion stuff. and wa la. my sweaty lids are no more. anyway last night i forgot to use it, weirdest thing. and i thought i would be fine. and then when i got home last night and looked in the mirror i was like AHHHHHHHHHHH! major black crease. worst. well all i'm saying is i will never do that again.

i went running for pretty much the first time since my accident. and boy was it painful. i was expecting it to be like riding a bike. like i would jump on that treadmill and just kill it. but it killed me. like slaughtered. the last two miles i felt like crying. sobbing. passing out right on the floor. i will always be an elliptical girl at heart. i'm not a runner. i'm an impostor. a poser.

i tried to delete my facebook today. too many crazy things have been happening on there. lots'o'drama. lemme tell yuh. anyway so i am trying to delete it and they practically told me that i'm not allowed to. like really, one of the boxes that showed up said "request not available". might as well have said "i own you melissa rae". i was so scared. i am so scared. so just warning all of you, facebook is a little smarter than we might have originally thought.



Ball Lightning said...

It is way hard to delete accounts like facebook. Even if you die its hard to delete those things.

Sweaty eyelids made me laugh.. I always thought it was from to much computer screen radiation but what do I know ha.

Ali J said...

hahaha dont ever forget your eye potion. i laughed way hard about facebook, aaaahhh ha. ps. do i need an update?