Wednesday, December 29, 2010


is it weird that every time i climb stairs i think about being on the amazing race? then i spend the next ten minutes thinking about how much ass i would kick on that show.

is it weird that i still really, really, really, really like maroon 5? they were my music of choice for spring break 2k9. that was when i realized that no one else likes maroon 5, like at all. oops.

is it weird that my boss is listening to mindy gledhill in his office? on full blast? i think he thinks it will help lower our stress levels. but it actually just makes me want to blog instead of work. sooooooo.

is it weird that all i think about is the tv show lost? just started season three the other day. i feel like i should stop watching, but i have invested so much time i just can't bring myself to turn it off. and i really need to know what happens to jack, sawyer, and kate. so i will just keep watching til that story line dissolves and then see how i feel.

is it weird that i'm going to minneapolis next week? on "business". k, maybe i shouldn't ask this question. cause it is weird.

is it weird that i wore open toed shoes on the snowiest and rainiest day of the year? it's just that i forgot to look out the window before i got dressed.

is it weird that i typed this whole post with one finger?


Tami said...

* as long as you picture me as your partner on the Amazing Race

* I like them too

* I agree with your boss

* someday I'll watch it

* Ummmmm...thanks for telling me about the whole Minneapolis trip! Do you know how cold and snowy it is there? However...the mall of america is there.

*you won't be able to wear those in Minneapolis

*Which finger?

Ali J said...

hahaha i loved spring break 2k9. and that maroon 5 was the only cd you had in your car. i also think that mindy glehill makes my stress level go up? my mom always listens to her...

Ball Lightning said...

I <3 maroon 5!