Friday, January 14, 2011

great life.

woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. i was walking around cursing the day in my head. i know, not good, you know you are about to have the worst day when friday's don't even look good anymore. anyway so i'm walking around throwing stuff and breaking glass and kicking holes in the wall. and then i stopped all the sudden. and just started saying all the awesome things in my life. and before i knew it, i literally could not stop. and then i was smiling. and then all the sudden i knew that today will be my best day.

i promised some girls at work that i would go to zumba with them. it was one of those times where i was allllll about it and then as i walked away i was like CRAP! i do not want to do that at all. zumba? me? i can barely make walking look easy and now i think i'm gonna be able to dance? for exercise? well i'll let you know how it goes. hopefully i'll be so good at it.

it was my baby sisters birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! she is so great and so fun. i really like her. and i know she will make the greatest mama to baby boop bop in her belly. i love that girl. plus she made the greatest cake. lemon cake. yuuuummmmm. oh and, i can barely type this next part without laughing. my dad gave her the greatest present. it was a piece of paper that looked like a check. made out for "4 hours of baby satting, no mins". sooo funny. and so cute.

i think i might have an obsessive personality (thanks mom!). especially when it comes to youtube videos. i find one i like and then i can't stop watching it. recently i found the greatest song on there. i listen to it at least five times a day. it's a remix of a jay-z song and a dolly parton song. oops.

i went to the jazz game this week. it was soooo fun. we sat behind the basket so we got those slap stick things that you use to distract them when they make free throws. it was the best time.

welllll. that's it i think. hope everyone has their best day ever.

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