Sunday, November 28, 2010

oh thanks.

so in november i start getting real thankful for everything. maybe cause of thanksgiving, maybe not. so i just wanted to say thanks..

thanks erika. for being my sister. and for having a chocolate fight in the kitchen when we were tweens. for laughing at the same jokes, even when we're in different rooms, or different towns. thanks for caring what happens in my life. and for not being mad at me still for punching you in the face that one time in canada. thanks for marrying the man of your dreams in the temple. thanks for being the example even though you are my baby sister. and for helping me not to swear... as much. thanks. oh and thanks tyler. for being the brother i always wanted. for taking care of my little sister. for putting up with our crazy family. thanks.

thanks mom and dad. for being my parents. for loving each other through ups and downs. thanks for being great examples of love. for magnifying your callings. for encouraging not only love and respect for family but also friendship and loyalty. thank you for only grounding me once in my whole life. for forbidding us from watching the simpson's and then watching it with us when we were teenagers. thanks for never being judgmental and always supporting me in all that i do. thanks.

thanks boyfriend. for being my boyfriend. for being really funny. for listening to all my weird stories and laughing with me. for making my life even better. for seeing the best in me. for encouraging and loving me. thanks for being the good kind of crazy. for letting me be exactly who i am. thanks for thinking that my burps are one of the best things about me. thanks for all the greatest times. thanks.

thanks friends. old and new. wherever you may be. for always being there, at the perfect times. thanks for all the laughs and jokes. thanks for making me a better person. for the countless hours of the best times of my life. for giving me hope when i didn't see any. thanks.

thanks step brothers and sisters. for being like real brothers and sisters. thanks for inviting me into your lives. for always being there for me. for traveling hours just to see me walk across the stage in a cap and gown. thanks for being funny. and for being great friends. thanks.

thanks everyone else who may not be exactly mentioned above. for being in my life. for all you have done, small or large. thanks. thanks. thanks.


Abbie said...

Thanks for being Mel Rae. I'm pretty sure every person who knows you is in love with you.

Erin said...

Thanks for making me cry. :) Love you.

Tami said...

Awe! I'm thankful for YOU! You will never, ever, no never, never, ever, know just how much.

You are a very good girl!