Tuesday, December 21, 2010

well, this is something.

so much has happened since i last blogged. not. seriously, nothing has happened. but below are some things that i thought might be kind of exciting.

i decided on a few things that i'm not gonna consider embarrassing anymore. like having something stuck in my teeth? not embarrassed. also having my zipper down? no read cheeks here. burping REALLY loud in public? not gonna bat an eye. also: snoring, slipping, dancing in public and picking my nose.

i turned left the other day and got a broken wrist in return. oh man.

i'm obsessed with "lost". i think about it most days. wondering the true meaning of the island. nobody tell me please. well actually do tell me, so i stop wasting my life.

i am almost done with my christmas shopping. not.

i have been saying "not" a lot lately. and it's so bad i even annoy myself. but i can't stop.

i realized i have the greatest friends ever. how'd i get so lucky?

my sister is having a baby girl. so now all i think about is that baby girl. i already love her too much.

lastly, i asked santa for a million dollars and an ipad for christmas. hope he delivers.

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