Monday, November 15, 2010

brain freeze. i mean, brain frio.

went ice skating. no skills, shouldn't really go pro. confusing. cause i could have sworn i use to be good at it. made up a routine, though. nice time.

i'm having a hard time transitioning from summer to winter clothing. like today i had to force myself to wear a coat. yesterday i wore a sun dress to church. it's like the middle of november and i somehow think i can get away with those kind of shenanigans. who knew shenanigans was even a word. i didn't. gonna start using that word more now that i know it's real.

learning spanish. finally, right? i mean, i'm so over going to cafe rio and having to explain that although i look like i should, i don't speak spanish. should i invest in rosetta stone? or should i just rely on a really good lookin tutor and igoogle translate? help.

i am really into quotes right now. i am always reading them. it's nice, cause when i give advice to people i use random quotes that i remember, and then claim them as my own genius. oops. sometimes i feel like they could have come from my brain though. so i don't feel as guilty. but now that i'm writing this, i feel really guilty. i'm gonna start giving people a reference page after we have heart to hearts. that'll be nice.

well i think that's it for now. i'm sorry to all my english major friends, sooo many sentence fragments happening in this post. i'll be better. but not.

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