Sunday, January 17, 2010

board bored boar bore.

sometimes i forget what it's like to be bored. this whole week was jam packed with great things. i made money, i learned new things, i made new friends, i made a playlist to get me pumped when i run, i cleaned (k fine, i thought about it though), i slipped on the ice and got this weird bruise on my leg which i'm thinking of making into a permanent tattoo, i laughed REALLY hard that i almost peed, i played with my dogs and realized i might be a dog whisperer.

this week i think i will finish all my homework for the next two weeks so i can do lots of awesome things, clean my room, see if my playlist works, watch whip it when it comes out, make some bracelets, laugh really hard and most likely whisper to my dogs again.

1 comment:

Tami said...

Ali just whispered to me and said: "when is that really cool dog whisperer coming back home. I have something I need to discuss with her."