Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday gurl.

when i was seven i had this really awesome plastic football thing that was pretty much indestructible, i could put all my weight on it and it wouldn't even flatten a bit. one day, my sister and i were playing in our room and i decided to show just how awesome it was, so i proceeded to do a balancing act on it that i thought would get a lot of cheers from the crowd. but no, i shared that ball with my sister, and she didn't really enjoy that balancing act, so i threw the ball at her face. k so i know you were expecting a different outcome to that story, but it was the only way i could think of to lead into all the other awesome stories my sister and i share. like this one time when she told me all the presents i was going to get for my birthday, or that time we had a melted chocolate fight in our kitchen. the times we would go to the pool in lehi and try to wait for each other on the slide as the other person would sing "cleopatra, comin at 'cha, cleopatra, comin at 'cha". so awesome. we would get in so much trouble, but we were rebels so we didn't even care. or what about the time i punched her in the face while we were in canada with our grandparents, and she ended up having to walk home.

i guess what i'm really trying to say is that if you don't know my sister, you're really missing out. she's not only gorgeous and insanely funny, but she's the most caring person i know. she has grown up to be a beautiful woman and an amazing wife, and a great example to me. and today, on her birthday, i just want to tell her how amazing it has been to experience life with her by my side as my baby sister.

Here is an awesome video we made on thanksgiving. just in case you didn't believe me that that girl's got talent.

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