Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can't stop thinkin' 'bout you

I'm in love...
or rather, I'm obsessed. Like literally. 
For those of you who know me or have been around me any time within the past three months you know I cannot stop talking about getting a bike. When asked what is wrong, my usual reply is simply, bike. When curtis asks what I want for dinner I say, bike. I dream about bikes. I get upset when I see people on bikes (that is no joke, I sometimes find myself getting teary-eyed). I get headaches thinking about which bike would be my perfect fit. Well my headache subsided when I saw this little beauty strolling with an undeserving girl. 


I trust all of you to not steal this bike from me. I must save my whole life to buy it. I give permission only to lindey who helped me find out where I could purchase.


tadd&cat said...

Ah, I can't see the picture!!!

Lindey & Corbin said...

The pic isn't showing up! I'm very moved that I'm the only soul who you give that permission to!

Tami said...

I was wondering why your eyes are so red all the time. Now I know.

I also wondered why you were wandering aimlessly around the house last night and whispering "bike, bike, bike"

Now I know.

Erin said...

I am so very sad that I cannot see the pic of the bike. Please. Please. Post a link. STAT.

Mal said...

I will donate a whole 10 dollars to your cause. Mel must be made whole.