Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Sister The Bridal

This last Tuesday my sister, my mom, and I made the trip up to Sugarhouse for my sisters bridals. I only teared up once and the rest of the time it was all business. Being the maid of honor it was naturally my responsibility to make sure the bride looked her best at all times. And believe me, I performed. Or rather, she performed. She looked GORGEOUS! She even looked great in the pictures I snagged with my digital camera. 

Below is me preforming my maid of honor duties. Protecting the dress from the dirty floor and holding the boquet. 

That's the most you'll see of the bride on this blog. I am trying to respect Tyler's (erika's fiance) wishes to not see erika in her dress until the day of. So I'll post pictures of my mom and me. :)

All in all the day was successful. I'm ready for a wedding!

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