Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm it!

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3 Joys
3 Fears
3 Goals
3 Current obsessions/collections
3 Random/surprising facts

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3 Joys:

1. My friends and fam and my dogs.
2. Shopping.
3. The bachelor (london calling).

3 Fears:

1. Falling off of a tredmill.
2. Getting a bad haircut.
3. Never being able to shop.

3 Goals:

1. Graduatinig school.
2. Participate in a marathon.
3. Be domestic.

3 Current obsessions/collections:

1. Diet Dr Peper.
2. T shirts.
3. Going green.

3 Random surprising facts:

1. I have no coordination.. i know.. shocker!
2. I think i am double jointed in my thumb.
3. I love to eat. again, shocker!

I'm going to tag My mom, my sis, and amanda


Tami said...

I knew all those things about you. Except the "going green" and the "marathon" I thought it was a triathlon. Anyway, you WILL do reach all your goals. I know you will.

tadd&cat said...

You'd do that for me??? Get me a sample? I'm assuming it was you that wrote that comment, I got the same one from you and your mom...interesting...I love the molester!

Erin said...

A few things I knew and a few I didn't know! Muy interesante. Now...about your sister...does she have a blog?!!!