Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm blogging!

Hello! Since finals are this week I figured that, naturally, I would write a new post for my blog! So here I am, for all of you who have been wishing and hoping for me to post! Now I come across my next obstacle, what to write about? Dang! I think I'm just meant to be a blog hopper for the rest of my life, and not a contributor. Sorry everyone. I tried. Talk to you next month! Farewell!


Erika said...

Hm... Who knew blogging could be so hard?
Here are a few ideas I have come up with for your next post:

-Your dear little sister (me).
-How sad you are going to be in June when I leave.
-The next present you are going to buy for me.
-The piece of clothing you stole from me today.

Those were just a few. I have more, if those didn't satisfy your blogging needs.

Lindey & Corbin said...

Yay I found you! Couldn't hide any longer!

Tami said...

Or, how about "My special mother" OR "How I got this way"

Lindey & Corbin said...

I tagged you! Go to my page to see what you have to do.