Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hawry pottah.

i think i might be having writers block this morning. i haven't really ever experienced it. i always have something stupid to write about. but not today. all that's on my mind is harry potter. and i think it's cause i read anna's blog the other day and she wrote a breathtaking post about him. and then yesterday, ali did the same thing. my mind was blown. so for the passed 24 hours all i can think about is harry potter. and how i wish ron would be my boyfriend. and i wish luna would hang out with me and we could talk about whatever we feel like. but instead i guess i'll just talk in a british accent all day.


Tami said...

Avada Kadavara!

Anna Wolf said...

i always. want those things. love ron love luna love hp and hermione love love dobby freaking just... love, man.