Tuesday, March 23, 2010

here's the secret.

"I was just interested in--in different ways of looking at this universe."
-Cat Stevens

life is changing a lot for me lately. graduation, job opportunities, moving/not moving, more school/no more school. i feel like everything is flying at my face so fast that instead of reaching out and grabbing something i'm just closing my eyes real tight. cause i'm scared of things flying at my face! sometimes i just wish i could have someone else decide what i should do. but then i remember i'm way too controlling for that. so then i start to think maybe i will just flip a coin and let fate decide. but then i remember i'm broke, so no coins. so then i came up with this great idea to just be N'SYNC with the universe. seriously. i don't know if any of you have read/watched "the secret" but basically it's this way of living and part of it describes this concept of visualizing, and believing that something will happen, and then it does. like when i first came in contact with the secret, i decided to be obsessed with it. it was my freshman year in college and finding a parking spot was a total pain in my ass. so i would visualize finding a parking spot within one minute of entering the parking lot. a few times i even stared a car down and visualized the driver coming out and me taking that spot. and believe me or not, it worked. really, you should try it. but if you think it's crazy, then don't try it, cause it won't work.


Ali said...

you are totally crazy. but im going to try it.

-- Garit D said...

totally crazy. but i love it! glad there are other crazy people out there ;)