Sunday, March 28, 2010

buried life.

has anyone seen the buried life? it's the show where in the commercial he says, "what do you.. want to do... before you die?" i can't get that saying out of my head, mostly because he says it with weird inflections in his voice, pausing between words for dramatic effect. but partly because i keep thinking what DO i want to do before i die?

so how the show goes is these four guys have made a list of 100 (i think) things that they want to do before they die. and then they go and do them. and some of them are pretty outrageous and funny and some are more emotional and sensitive. and then in each episode they complete one thing and then find a random person and help them do something that they.. want to do.. before they die. but i really can't get this thought out of my head. so i thought, why not make a list of all the things i want to do. big or small. dumb or smart. easy or hard. so here's a few things i've come up with.

graduate from college.
make it on the jumbo-tron at a jazz game.
open my business.
have a dog named dash.
go to grad school.
live in new york.
change someone's life. drastically for the better.
fall madly in love.
have children.
live in a foreign country.
buy my dad the car of his dreams.
participate in a triathlon.
change the world.

what do you.... want to do.... before you die?

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-- Garit D said...

i dont know that show but i bet its something i would like.

ive been thinking about this for a long time too. ive been wanting to make an epic blog post about it but have just not gotten around to it yet. but ill share some of my list with you. most of these are nerdy. and that is because i am a huge nerd =)

#1 and most important. in 2013 when the sun is at its solar maximum i plan on going to Yellowknife Canada in the middle of no where to watch the most incredible aurora borealis the earth has seen since 1958. there may be dog sleds involved ha.

-- the rest dont have an order yet --

#2 i want to find one or several cool meteorites. i dont care how far i have to go or how long it takes. i refuse to die until i do =)

#3 id like to go to china and study shaolin kung fu and tai chi

#4 i want to chase storms and take amazing pictures of lightning and other awesome forces.

#5 live on a boat and travel the seas.

#6 visit an active volcano and get close to the lava.

#7 i want to see fjords.

#8 ive decided i want to ultimately live in new zealand. i think thats where id like to be buried.

am i weird? yeah probably =)