Friday, July 15, 2011

our first place.

trying to find decent married housing in provo is hard. sooo many sketch places. like how do people live in some of those places? i dunno. last week we found the greatest place to live. well i thought it was the greatest. danny could barely fit in that cupboard of an apartment. but i LOVED it. and so after much eye batting and please oh please's danny agreed to live the next year of his life bent in half. cool. so we called them to tell them we wanted it and.... it was already SOLD. wahhhhh. i can't remember if i cried. but i probably did. so the search continued. everyone said we would find something even better. danny was secretly happy but pretended that he was so sad :((((. so then this week we have looked at like 100 places. okay maybe like 10. okay maybe like 5. but still. let's just say that pictures people post online are not the same as in real life. we were let down A LOT. but this has a happy ending of course or else i wouldn't be blogging right now i would be being pissed. so anyway we took our lunch break one day to look at yet another place, we had no expectations, we drove by, and figured there was no way it could be that cool vintage style house and that we had to have the wrong address. we walked up, still not excited. but the second the landlord opened the door i couldn't stop pinching danny. like the good kind of pinch. like hey i want this place. i love it! we loved it. we practically were throwing money at the guy so that we would let us live there. but that wasn't good enough. he did a background check and credit check. we didn't know that's not normal? anyway, i guess he wanted to make sure we're not criminals. but we were approved!! and we have the keys! yay! we love our little place and can't wait to start our lives together there.


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but you ARE a criminal....right? oh i totallyyyyy remember looking for apartments - provo married housing is way sketchy, i think there are prob bodies under the floors and in the walls in half of those places!