Monday, September 27, 2010

sleep walking.

i don't think i slept for one second last week. and i don't know why i did that. cause then on saturday i was like a zombie. i don't even think i made one full sentence and i kept thinking that cats were trying to attack me. i do not condone sleep deprivation. but then on saturday night i slept for 12 hours, straight, i didn't even move one time. so then i was thinking maybe i do condone sleep deprivation if i can get 12 hours of sleep without one bathroom break. which reminds me, i sent a text about taking a break the other day, and i spelled it "brake". and then for the next 20 minutes i just thought about how that just didn't seem right. and then i realized what an idiot i am. spelling is hard sometimes. like i've been spelling receive as recieve for my whole life i swear. and then someone finally let me know the truth and i was mortified. and they said that whole "i before e except after c" and my response was "i didn't think it pertained to that word" WHAT? i am like trying to cover up my idiotness with more idiotness. (yes i realize that isn't a word, but only because that red squiggly line showed up underneath.) don't you hate when you do that? you are like trying to prove that you're smart and in the process you prove that you shouldn't be allowed to even speak without first consulting a lawyer. anyway, back to not sleeping. so i made a goal yesterday to get some sleep, and before i can even write down my goal all the sudden it's 2 in the morning. so i'm left sitting at work with 4 hours of sleep under my belt. best day.


Tami said...

I feel like I just made a trip inside your brain for two minutes!

Ball Lightning said...

grats on living and surviving the rock n roll lifestyle ;) and i totally enjoyed the "idiotness"