Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me.

Well I'm 21. cool. like awesome. the blessed day was amazing. family and friends made it one of the best. thank you all!

me, before the festivities

the rents. 

my loves.

the best party thrower ever. i love her.

Well there you are, my birthday in a nut shell.


Tami said...

It was truly awesome.

cat+tadd said...

Why you be sooooooo pretty?

Keri said...

It sounds looks like you had a wonderful birhtday party. You look amazing! (as usual)

Erin said...

Yes, I know. I am sooooo late on this post. BUT, I wanted to point out that I still can't believe that I wasn't there. Well, really that Melissa and I weren't there. Tell me now, wouldn't it have been just that much more fantastical if Melissa had been there with undies over her jeans? ;)

Camille Law said...

Happy 21st Birthday Girl. You look gorgeous in your pictures! Great to see you for a minute over Christmas. We miss you. Wishing you a great year ahead! Love, Garrett, Camille & Emma