Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last week my mom had surgery to remove a tumor that had grown in her abdomen. The day was long and full of prayer. All 6 of us (me, erika, dad, other melissa, tyler, and curtis) packed into a tiny pre-op room to keep my mom company for a few hours. We had fun keeping my mom calm (okay, so she kept us all calm actually) and playing family feud on my sister's computer. Once the surgery was over we received great news from the docs and all seems to be going well. Other than the fact she has had to stay in the hospital longer than expected. Read her blog to catch a funny glimpse of her life for the past week. 
I'm so in love with that woman and I'm so happy that she is healthy and healing!


rec and etta said...

did you get to go pick her up? i'm glad everything went well and she is better:)

Lindey & Corbin said...

I had no idea. I hope everything goes ok. We are praying for her.